Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Good News!!
I've been featured on the NPR website (big thanks to Callie Neylan) http://www.npr.org/blogs/pictureshow/2010/02/on_experimentation_and_camera.html
It's so nice seeing my pictures somewhere else.


spread your wings said...

i just saw the write up about you on NPR. very interesting pinhole work and now i have found your blog. so glad to meet you - i plan to visit again.

Anonymous said...

many, many congratulations! so happy for you :)

memekode said...

Reading that article helped me make a decision on whether or not to sell my Mamiya6. I think I have to give her another go. Beautiful work and congrats on the write up.

vicky said...

Thanks very much chaps.

spread your wings, what a lovely idea for a blog, very special...and nice to meet you.

hugs for honey xx

memekode, that's a beautiful camera, i'm envious!
and thanks for your visit.

Callie said...

Happy to do it, Vicky!