Saturday, 30 January 2010

Inspired by crush on La Roux we had fun messing around with hair and make up.
The clothes Gracie's wearing belonged to her grandmother and to her great-grandmother ...still just as beautiful.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

so a few days ago i put up a picture on flickr because my daughter said she liked it and asked why i hadn't posted it before.
anyway, people liked it and said so which is always nice but i realised i felt uncomfortable with it, that it didn't represent what i'm about anymore, and that was why i'd been reluctant to put it up when only a few months ago i was posting similar.

with portraits, i don't want fancy clothes or makeup (unless that's what you wear anyway) or 'trying to be sexy pouts' or toes pointing inwards or exaggerated colours or fancy textures , i just want you, as you are, in a good light, just being you, i'd like to take everything away so we're just left with the bones so we can actually see and recognize and connect with who's there.
i want a slight feeling of being unsettled because we feel that we've seen ourselves in someone else.
and i'm aware i have a long long way to go.

and this is maisie again, just being maisie.
(click pic to see big)